Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Join Me or Sponsor Me at March for Babies!

Okay, I had to look for a reason to start exercising, and this is what has inspired me. I figured if I had a huge reason to motivate me to exercise, then I would have no excuse. So I decided to sign up at March for Babies and so in counting I have 65 days to prepare myself for this 6 mile walk. It sounds a lot for me since my body goes into serious hibernation mode during this cold season. And you can't forget the yummy food that I have stuffed myself with from all the holidays. So if any of you would like to join me, sponsor me, or share this with a friend, every bit would help! You could view my page at http://ecards.marchforbabies.org/OQPV7H
It's April 25th 9AM, walk begins at the State Capitol 1301 10th Street in Sacramento.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Okay, this is seriously one of my fears! SNAKES! So, while we were at Pet's Mart a guy walks in with two boa's wrapped around him like no big deal and my Mom was with us and happened to make it known she was terrified. Anyhow, of course my kids go straight to him and starts asking all these questions. Dee knows how terrified I am of snakes, so I was trying really hard not to freak out in front of my kids. As I was walking towards the guy, I heard Kiyana asking to hold one. So I nodded my head in shock that my child didn't have the same fear I did! She totally took the snake and was trying to get him to wrap around her neck and she dropped him and she totally picked him right up and placed the snake right back on her shoulders.

I am still in shock everytime I see this picture. I definately need to keep these fear a secret from my kids, eitherwise I can see them scaring me in the future!

Where is Kiyana?

I was looking for Kiyana the other day and I started to panic when she wasn't responding to my call. Well after searching for her for what seemed like forever. I was pacing up & down the hall and decided to put the blanket away that was under the desk in the hallway. To my surprise as I removed the blanket, I found Kiyana asleep in the laundry basket. Of course when I told Dee about it, his first response was "Did you take a picture?" and like an addicted blogger, of course I did!

Spencer is back!

This is my younger brother, Spencer Salakaia, who just returned from serving a full time honorable mission in Puebla, Mexico. I wasn't able to go to AZ for his return, so instead he came to visit me for a day & 1/2. It was wonderful to have my little brother back and to hear him speak spanish. It was funny to hear him struggle with his english since he has been speaking spanish on his Mish! My dog, Choco, was his before he left. My girls wanted him, and he said he wouldn't take Choco back if my girls still wanted him to stay. And so I still get stuck with cleaning up dog poop!
This is my family with my Mom & Dad, Samantha, & Spencer. We just came out of John's incredible pizza and we were rushing them to the airport to make their flight back to AZ. Thanks Spencer, Mom, Dad, and Samantha for visiting. We had a wonderful time! We truly have been blessed to have Spencer serve a full-time mission, & we are truly grateful the Lord has brought him home safely!