Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Samuela & Shannon A'etonu's Wedding!

Welcome to the family Sammy! Here are pictures that I snapped at the Mesa, AZ Temple, of my beautfiul Sister and her Husband! I am not the greatest photographer, but it's what I was able to catch before Tiare started crying for someone to hold her.

Shannon got Sammy really good with the cake!

Here is my family, the Salakaia's! We are missing my younger brother Spencer, who is serving a mission in Puebla Mexico. He returns this December 30th. My Mom named all five of us with an "S" and so growing up we were known as the S& S family. Steven married Shelbie, and Shannon just married Sammy, so Mom said that Dee name killed it! LOL!

This is the Grooms immediate family. Majority of Sammy's family were visiting from Texas!

This is Grandpa Talama Tesimale, who was also the Temple sealer for both my sister's wedding and mine! We love you Papa! It has been a blessing for us to be able to have our grandfather seal us for time & all eternity!

This is Sammy's parents! This is My Dad (Saia) & Mom (Sarah) posing with the Newly Weds in front of the Temple!
My Sister didn't want a line, so she decided to just have the immediate family of both the groom and brides family be introduced as their line. Below are the little kids from the brides side. It isn't the greatest picture as you can see, but it's the only one of just them without the adults.
Karizma, Aiden Spencer, Samantha, Tiare & Kiyana! My girls loved their PRINCESS dresses. They also wore them for our Ward's Primary program. Thank you Auntie Sally & Shelbie for getting my girls dressed that day!
These are pictures from my Sister's dance reception held Friday Oct.24th, the night before her wedding!
Here is a picture of my older brother Steven posing with our baby sister, Shannon!We still can't believe our baby sister is married. It will be more akward once our baby-baby sister Samantha who is 7 right now, get married. Here is a picture of My sister Shannon and I. And yes we really are sisters! LOL!

Here is a picture of my brother and I dancing with our youngest Aiden Spencer and Tiare! This is my brother Steven and his wife Shelbie.This is my Mom (Sarah) & Dad (Saia) enjoying their time at my sister's dance receptionThis is Karizma, Kiyana, and Samantha (my baby-baby sister) all dressed up to go the dance. I think Tiare already left with her Dad to the dance.

Here is our little family at the dance reception.

Once we arrived in AZ, it was not stop preparation for my sister's wedding. Sammy & Shannon were endowed Thursday, Friday night was a dance reception, and Saturday was their temple sealing and reception. Not to mention Shannon's b-day too! Here is a few pictures of the newly wed couple at their dance reception. Their colors were turquoise blue and peridot green. Talk about hard colors to coordinate in the middle of fall season. Trust me, my Mom could go on and on about how much of a difficult time she had of finding the right colors for clothes and decorations!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, I am slacking with the post. On Oct23rd, We drove to AZ which took us 14 hours with the stops. We took are 3 girls, dog Choco, and the turtle with us to attend my sister's wedding. Let's just say I drove most of the way, because when Dee drives I basically don't sleep since I constantly have to find him a snack, keep him awake, and of course blast the radio. So seriously, why even bother having both of us be deprived of sleep. Sounds familiar ladies! When I drive, he is out in seconds. Here is a picture of the girls having Mcdonald at one of our stops, while Daddy took Choco for a walk. As you can see in the back of our truck, we had way to many things to take with us!