Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here chicky, chicky!

We spent an evening with our friends, the Harrops, and our girls played with their chickens. It was fun to watch the Dads and their girls chase the chickens!

The chickens were probably traumatized by the time we left.

3 Car Seats!!!

I had to share this photo! This was taken on a Sunday when we were driving back from Church. I guess you can say they were spiritually exhausted! And yes, loading them up in 3 car seats is an every day challenge for me! Can't wait until one of them graduates! LOL!


Here is Karizma on her first day of Kindergarten @ Johnsons Park Elementary (August 18th, 2008)! Dee & Serina are feeling much - much older now that their 1st child is officially in school!
Kiyana & Karizma at their 1st Soccer Game!

Okay, I have finally decided to add to this blog. It's nothing much, but I will try to keep up with all the family news. Right now I am just in awe of how this past year has been flying by so fast. Our wonderful 3 girls are growing up so fast. A lot has happened to our family this year and we still have a lot of things that are coming up. Karizma started kindergarten and is loving every minute of it. Except for waking up in the morning. She definitely takes after me when I say "We are not morning people!" Kiyana is in pre-school and Tiare is still trying to figure out why she can't go to school with her sisters. Karizma & Kiyana also are playing soccer this season. This will be Karizma's 2nd year, Kiyana's 1st year, and Tiare is the official cheerleader for the next 2 1/2 years before she joins her sisters. Dee is keeping busy with work of which he spends alot of time commuting to and from the Bay area. He also keeps busy with his calling as the YM President. He enjoys working with the YM in our ward and serving the Lord as best as he can. Serina is still puttin along with the responsibilities at home. Such as the never ending laundry and dishes! LOL! Who ever said being a Stay at home mom was easy! Serina has adapted alot of new job descriptions since being a stay at home mom, such as the alarm clock for the kids, the maid, the nurse, the cook, the driver, the dog walker, the accountant, the pre-school teacher, the gardener, and I am sure there's more. I guess I can say that I am well rounded! LOL! We hope you all enjoy our blog, hopefully I will be able to keep up with the latest Faupula news!