Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight~ My current ADDICTION!!

Pretty much everyone I know has been talking about Twilight! I love to read, but the only thing is once I get into a series of books everything doesn't seem to exist. Such as my kids, husband, laundry, dishes, etc. So I vowed to myself that I wouldn't read Twilight until Christmas was over, because I was afraid my kids wouldn't have a Christmas. I know it's pathetic, but true! Dee had asked what I wanted for Christmas and one of the things I would like was the Twilight books. So my wonderful husband, who obviously has not talk to other husbands decided to give me the first two books for Christmas. At that point, I didn't start reading until New Years Eve, but from Christmas to New Years Eve, Someone talked to Dee about their wife & how they wanted to throw out the books, so their wife could come back to reality! We'll within that short period of time, Dee was starting to regret buying them. Knowing that he was feeling this way, I decided that I would read the books at night, and keep up with my daily responsibilities so that my husband wouldn't regret or of course feel like he's lost his wife to some Vampire story! LOL! New Year's Eve came & I started reading. I read throughout the entire night, and Dee woke up the next morning & was surprised that I was on book 2. So I guess since he felt like he still had his wife around, he decided to take me to watch the movie! What a good husband! Within minutes of the movie, Dee gave me this funny look and asked "Is that what I think it is?" I couldn't hold back my laugh, and I said yes. He then whispered in my ear " I thought people were joking when they said it was about a VAMPIRE!" Anyhow, he enjoyed the movie just as much as I did, but I did tell him that reading the book helps understand the movie better! After book two, I was desperate to find out what was going to happen. So my husband decided to go with me and look for book 3. He sat in the car with the kids, while I ran in Wal-mart. Well, I had gone down the book isle, and didn't see what I wanted. So like a little child, I paced up and down several times eyeing every book on the shelf. And to my disappointment, Eclipse was no where to be found. I didn't give up, so I started moving books just in case a copy had been misplaced. Mind you, I was getting frustrated, and I kept thinking to myself, "I hope no one is watching how desperate I am for this book" and I was also thinking "I hope I am not being punk ed or being video camera for twilight addicts!" Dee couldn't stop laughing at me, while I tried to explain my reaction in the store. So he decided to take me to two other stores, and to my disappointment there was none. So I sat in anxiety & desperation for two days, wondering & waiting. Finally, I pleaded my case to my sister-in-laws, and sure enough Katrina Takahashi had graciously filled my desperation & starvation for more of Twilight! (Thanks Katrina, I owe you big time!). I honestly don't know which was harder for Dee, to see me lose sleep or to see me go through two days of searching desperately for book 3 & 4. Either way I am sure he had a good laugh! I finished book 3 & 4 in two days. And Dee was happy that it was over in a week since he had to sleep with an eye mask every night. However, he always had to remind me that I looked like a walking zombie! It was worth IT! I am sure he will do his homework prior to buying any books for me in the future!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Okay, first of all sorry it's been awhile since I blogged. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for one thing! I knew that this would happen once December would hit. Anyhow, we had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed developing new traditions and of course trying to live on with ones already established. Sad to say, but I didn't take much pictures. I was wrapped up with all that needed to be done and cooked before the family get together. It has been awhile since we had a Christmas & New year with just our little family. Either we went out of town or Dee was in another part of town or state working, so we have been blessed to be together healthy & happy. New Years Eve, we had lots of yummy food with family and then we enjoyed bringing in the New Year with our girls watching a movie & of course my favorite part, is when we kneel in prayer to give thanks to our Father in Heaven for another year! Maybe when the girls get older, they will definately be the ones to want to go PARTY! We have been tremendously blessed this past year, especially with all the trials and challenges that we have faced with my health & with the down fall of the economy. We are truly humbled & blessed by the examples of our family & friends that never fail to amaze us in all things. We pray that this New Year will bring much joy & happiness to all of you!