Sunday, December 7, 2008

Green for two months!

In Karizma's kindergarten class, her teacher does a card chart. Green is if they were good all day and listened, yellow- they were warned for doing something they weren't suppose to, orange- given notice to parents, and red is principal. We gave Karizma the option to choose something that she wanted, and depending on how much it cost, Dee & I would decide how many green days she needs in order to earn what she wants. So in this case she had asked for a Hannah Montana robe. I was able to purchase this robe at Target during the black Friday sales for $10, can't beat that! Everywhere else is 15 and up. Anyhow, she had to have two months worth of green cards, and it took her awhile, since she did have her bad days. We are proud that she worked very hard for her robe! She hasn't decide what her next thing she's going to work for, but hopefully what she ask for stays under the $10 budget!

Run to Feed the Hungry

On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up at 6AM to participate in the Run to Feed the hungry. A really good friend of ours had posted it on their blog, and we decided that we try it out (Thanks Knudsons). We've always heard about it, but never did it. We didn't know what to expect, but we were amazed that there was over 26, 000 people who had signed up. I was surpised to see so many kids participating as well. Our older two had spent the night at their cousins, and we only had Tiare. As you can see, she wasn't very happy to be woken up to spend her morning in the cold.

Since we weren't sure of what to expect, we had only signed up Dee to run. You had the choice to run/walk the 5k or the 10k and sure enough, Dee had to challenge himself to run the 10k. Here he is stretching, wearing his shirt he was given to participate.

Dee Getting his stretch on!!!

Here is a shot of us before he left to line up. Since he signed up the day of, he wasn't given a band that would give an accurate time of how long it would take him, but he said that he had asked someone what time it was when he crossed the start mat and also the finish line and it took him 55mins to run the 10k. Good job Honey! We had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to next years run. Since we know now what to expect, I will be joining Dee. My intentions are to do the 10k, but I am sure I won't be running it all the way. I will probably be the one that will be hitching a ride to the finish line! Thanks Knudson's for sharing your family tradition with us, we are definately going to make this one of our own Thanksgiving traditions! Too bad they didn't do a run after Thanksgiving so we could work off all the food we ate!

Sleepovers! YEAH!!!

When my kids have a school break, it means they are making plans to sleep over at a cousins house or I get to be the lucky one to host a sleep over. So this Thanksgiving break, my girls started out the sleep over at our house. We had nine kids all together, and as you can see they were having a blast. Tiare was the youngest of the nine, & unfortunately she was kicked out of the sleepover because she kept everyone else awake. She was actually more excited to come sleep in our room.
The next morning after breakfast, Dee & I decided to take our nine kids to play at the park, but we ended up at BK instead since it was too cold. Thank goodness for indoor playgrounds. A few people thought all nine belonged to us. After we had lunch I am sure the employees at BK were probably happy to see us leave.

Raymond & Holly's wedding

Here is Tiare & I taking pictures with my cousin Raymond & his Bride Holly. They were sealed in the Mesa, AZ temple. Congrats Raymond & Holly Terrell, and welcome the family Holly! I thought this was really cool, how they put vinly lettering of their names on the center of the floor! Tiare fell asleep, while I was in the temple sealing. My beautiful baby sister, Samantha. She was part of the wedding line. This is my niece Miriah. She was totally working the cameras. This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of her.

Raymond & Holly's dance reception in AZ

Here is my Ghetto Fabulous Family! It's a picture of a few of my cousins and I at the dance reception for my cousin Raymond's wedding.
Me, Holly (the bride), and ShannonMy cousin Raymond & his bride Holly at their dance reception!
They are wearing the traditional Tongan wedding clothing.
This is my cousin Daniel (grooms youngest brother). He was also one of my closet friends I had growing up. I haven't seen him in a few years, so it was fun catching up with him.

Amazing Jakes!

On November 20th, I went back to AZ for a cousins wedding. I was able to catch my baby sisters 8th birthday too. When we got up that morning, my Mom thought it would be fun to go to Amazing Jakes berfore the wedding dance reception. Amazing Jakes is similar to Johns Incedible pizza, which is located in Roseville, CA.
Here is Samantha all geared up for lazer tag!Here is Samantha & Tiare riding the Hopper. Tiare looks happy, but really she was crying and screaming the entire ride.Here is Me, Tiare & my two sisters Shannon & Samantha claiming our Amazing Jake prizes from all the tickets were earned! My Mom said it was fun seeing all three of her daughters go crazy with the rides and games! My favorite was the bumper cars. "Happy 8th Birthday Mantha, can't wait to come next month for your baptism!"

Friday, December 5, 2008

End of Soccer Season!

This is the end of soccer season for the girls! They loved it and we totally had so much fun watching and supporting our girls! They played on the same team, which they called themselves "Spider Monkeys"! Here are pictures from their pizza party!!
Karizma & Coach Fitzke
Kiyana & Coach Fitzke

This is Austin Spain, a friend from our Ward who also played on the same team!

Here is the whole team showing off their cool trophies!


Ok I am late with this post, but here is a picture of the girls with their pumpkins. This year, Dee & I were not in the mood for pumpkin carving because we just drove in from AZ Halloween morning. Of course the girls were all excited for Trick-or-treatin, and with my sister's wedding, I didn't have time to make their costumes that they wanted this year. They wore their bug outfits I made last year. Maybe next year I will have time to make them! I was lucky to find these cute pumpkin decorations at Target and the girls were satisfied for about 1hour and then bugged us to carve them. We had to bribe them with their candy to convince them that this was way better than carving.