Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surprise! Happy Birthday Serina!

So I turned 28 on July 30th! And the day of my b-day I get a knock at my door! I opened the door and my students in my Valiant 12 class, Nick & Dallin are standing there. They tell me that I need to come outside with my eyes closed because they have a b-day present for me! So I step outside and I noticed that there was a door hanger, so I grabbed it to cover my eyes, and all I could hear Dallin say was to move the paper, but to keep my eyes shut. After battling him on having the paper removed, I gave in and all of a sudden I felt something on my face. At first I stood there like what just happened. It took me a few seconds to register what was going on and then a few more seconds because I was in shock! I could hear the boys laughing so hard and I took off chasing after them wiping my face to rub all the whip cream off on them. So below is a picture of me after I had wiped off the whip cream so I could see!
After washing what I could get off with the front hose, Nick & Dallin handed me a card and a box of candy! Probably hoping that I wouldn't be mad!
Here I am smiling not because the whip cream, but because the card they gave me was too funny!
Here are the two rascals with their whip cream and empty pie pan!
Beware girls when it's your b-day!
Here's Tiare telling me "EWWW" because I have so much whip cream on my shirt!
One of these days I will get them back when they least expect it!
I gotta love my Valiant 12 class!
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The Blanquie Blog said...

That looks like it was fun:) At least you know they like you. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Hahaha That's funny. You do have to love those boys. I can't wait for the post where you tell us how you repaid them ;). Happy belated bday. You make 28 look really good.

Rebecca said...

No Kidding you do make 28 look great! Dallin and Nick do love you! They had been saying all week they wanted to do something for you birthday, I thought that was sweet! little did i know this is what they would come up with!!Thanks for being a good sport! I am right there for you when you want to get them back! Your the best! Love BEC