Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Karizma Loseline Faupula!

Karizma turned 6 on July 23rd!
We had a Hello Kitty Slumber party for her this past Friday since Dee and I were in Utah for her actual b-day!
Here's the b-day girl making a kitty out of ice cream, oreo's, M&M's, black licorice!
Here's the b-day girl making a wish!
Here's the insane part, 20 kids for a slumber party! Dee & I were the only chaperones! My two older nieces helped out, along with our Friend Po, who stayed as long as she could! After spending two hours of dancing, playing games, and doing a treasure hunt outside with flashlights, we ended with a movie on a projector! We had so much fun! And as crazy as it was, I had fun and would totally do it again!
As late as it was when we all fell asleep, the kids woke up at 6:30AM! The last of the 20kids to wake up was the b-day girl! She had a blast! Thank you to everyone that made my big girl's b-day party a fun one she'll never forget!
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The Sam Elmers said...

You're brave to host that many kids-and crazy! But what a fun birthday party!